Do I get a dedicated number for my conference calls?

Yes, a permanent dial-in number and Moderator and Participant codes will be assigned to you as soon as you register.

Can I have the same dial-in number for every conference call I conduct?

Yes. All Conferencing offers the same dial-in number and Access code for every conference you conduct. Once you have this information, you may conduct conferences on-demand.

Do you support international callers?

Yes, your dial-in number supports international calls as well as domestic.

What is Music on Hold?

Music on Hold is an extra security feature. Music plays while participants wait for the Moderator to join, which prevents participants from talking with each other. The default setting for your account is “Music on Hold,” but you can change it by going to the Edit Profile page.

How quickly can I conference after signing up?

Normally sooner than 30 minutes of signing up, you'll receive a welcome email containing your account details. From there, you can host conference calls and/or online meetings anytime you need them. If you signed up and didnít receive a welcome email within 30 minutes, it may be in your email junk folder. Check there for an email from "welcome@conferencingtree.com" and add us to your safe sendersí list. Or call us at customer support at 888.888.8888.

Do you offer Transcription and Translation services?

Yes. We can provide you with a text copy of your conference in hard copy, CD or via email. The usual turn-around time is 48 hours, but orders can be expedited for a nominal fee.

Do the Moderator and Participants use the same numbers?

The Moderator and Participant will dial in to the conference using the same Access number, but the Moderator has an additional passcode. This allows the Moderator to control the conference and access special features only available to the Moderator.

What is the difference between the Moderator passcode and the Access Code?

The Access code allows the Moderator and Participants to enter the conference. The Moderator passcode is used by the person initiating/ directing the conference and allows him or her to control the conference.

How do I change my Access Code?

Call Customer Support at (888) 888-8888 to change your Access code or Moderator passcode.I forgot my Access Code and/or Moderator passcode.

Moderator passcodes can be located online by going to your Account page and entering your Client ID and Access Code. If you have forgotten your Client ID or Access Code, call Customer Support at (888) 888-8888.

Is the Moderator passcode and Participant Access Code fixed for all calls, or can it be set up by the Moderator each time?

Moderator passcode and Participant Access Code are fixed.

What type of operator assistance is available during a call?

Available operator assistance options range from basic operator support (by pressing *0 during a conference) to Event Conferencing which provides continuous monitoring by the operator, who organizes the call and any pre-or post- call needs. The operator can be very prominent in the meeting or can remain in the background to assist when needed.

How can I reduce the amount of background noise on a large call?

Listen Only mode allows only the specified speaker(s) to talk. This feature is an excellent way to eliminate disruptive background noise during presentations.

Can I get a list of the people on my conference?

Yes, for an Event Conference, a Participant List can be e-mailed or faxed to you listing all the conference attendees, immediately following your conference call.

How can I control attendance on my conference?

For an Event Conference or Operator Assisted call, you may send us a Security List of attendees prior to the call and we will use the list to identify participants before they are admitted to the conference.

Do you offer Polling services?

Yes. In an Event Conference, the Moderator or the Operator can pose a series of questions requiring participants to respond during the conference call itself. Participants respond by pressing the appropriate digit on their touch-tone telephone. Results of the voting can be tabulated and distributed to the host while the call is in progress.

Do you offer Q & A Services?

Yes. In an Event Conference, participants can signal that they have a question by pressing "*1" on their touch-tone telephone. The manager then calls on each participant by name. The questions are queued in the order they are received.

How do I record a conference?

There are many ways to record your call: By contacting an Conferencing Tree operator prior to the call; by using the telephone keypad; or if you are in a web conference, by selecting the “Record” option.

Can I begin recording after the call has already begun?

Yes, on a Ready Audio conference, you can begin recording by selecting *2 on the telephone keypad. On a Ready Web or Ready All conference, you can begin recording at any time by selecting the “Record” box on the moderator control panel.

When will I get my recording?

Recordings are available via email within 24 hours. Copies on CD or cassette tape will typically arrive 3- 7 days after your conference, or can be sent overnight (additional charges apply). Plus customers can access digital recordings. 

What are possible causes of disconnections during web meetings?

The stability and reliability of your web meeting depends on the internet connection used. You may have a slow connection that drops to a low KB/second rate, you may be on a shared connection that has become saturated, or your wireless connection may be weak or interrupted. Other possibilities for a slow or disconnected web meeting is other features or programs overloading or using your connection, such as sending/receiving video at a frame rate greater than the connection, or other programs may be running auto updates.

How is my computer protected from viruses while in a meeting?

Everyone participating in a web conference is connected to our secure server, and not directly to your computer. The only potential for a virus is if you choose to accept a file sent by a participant and that file is infected. We recommend that you always run a reliable virus protection program.

Can I use web conferencing if I have a firewall?

Yes. In order to connect to the secure conference server, an outbound connection through the standard internet TCP Port 8081 and UDP ports 10,000 to 10,006 must be allowed.

What are the minimum system requirements?

To provide you with the complete All Conferencing experience, we recommend your computer meet the suggested system requirements below. Using a computer or internet connection that does not meet the minimum requirements may produce audio break up or poor video quality.


What should I do if I am experiencing a problem during a call?

Our operators are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply press *0 and an operator will join your call to help resolve the problem.

What should I do if I accidentally get disconnected during my teleconference?

If you are accidentally disconnected on a dial-in conference call, call back using the dial-in telephone number you originally used to access your teleconference.

How do I change my Account information?

Log into your account at www.Conferencingtree.com to edit billing information, or call Customer Support at (888) 888-8888. Please have your Client ID and password ready.

What is a Client ID?

Every moderator is assigned a unique Client ID. Please use your Client ID when making calling Customer Support, as it allows us to quickly access your account information. You can find your Client ID on your billing statement or on the All Conferencing information that was e-mailed to you upon registration.

I’m not receiving my registration and emails?
To guarantee that you receive your registration email, add the following address to your list of allowed senders. Support@ConferencingTree.com

What if my question wasn't mentioned here?

If your question has not been answered here, please contact us at Support@ConferencingTree.com and we will respond to your inquiry. If you need to speak with a customer care representative, include your phone number in this email.