Flat - Fixed Rate Conference Calling


Unlimited phone conference calling for one low flat rate per month. Talk as long as you want, anytime you want.


  • No per minute conference call costs.
  • No start-up or cancellation fees.
  • No reservations.
  • Use it 24/7 and pay one monthly rate.
  • Start as low as $24.00 per month
  • Have as many conference calls as you like.
  • No bills. Prepay automatically with a credit card.
  • Keep the same PIN numbers as long as you want.
  • Record your conference calls for free.


Flat Rates For Unlimited Conferencing Usage:


Number of Conference Lines
(max. number of people calling-in)
Monthly Flat Rate Flat Rate Monthly Special *  
10 $39 $24 signup
25 $49 $39 signup
50 $99 $69 signup
Flat Rate-Extra Parties  $2.00 per line/month $1.00 per line/month  


* Special flat rates - If you sign up now, these rates will be in effect for as long as you continue to use the service. These can be changed without notice.


Why Choose Flat-Fixed Rate conference service:


Unlimited Usage:

With our flat rate phone conference call service, you can talk as much as you want, for as long as you want, 24/7 for a low flat monthly rate. Keep the same PIN numbers and use them over and over again, whenever you like. Cut your costs dramatically, and fix your budget projections, by using our unlimited flat rate teleconferencing service.


Dramatic Cost Savings

Flat rate conference users save 50-80% by avoiding per minutes charges. You can budget your costs down to the penny each month with an incredible low monthly rate.


No Long Term Contract

Flat rate conference service doesn't require any long term commitment. You can do business with us month to month and still enjoy these discounted rates.


No Set Up Fee

Getting started is easy -- and free! Just fill out our online form and you'll be starting your first conference today.


No Reservations

Your conference bridge is open 24/7, ready to use when you want. Keep the same PIN numbers and use them over and over again, whenever you like.


Free "Live Conference Viewer"

Now you can log online and see who is joining your conference call (and who's leaving) with just a click of your mouse.


Best Quality Conference Calls in the Industry and Personal Customer Service

We use the latest technology to achieve the highest conference standards in the industry. And we have real people answering the phones!


** Your participants will dial a regular non-toll free number to access the conference bridge. If you want toll free, or Need more lines, Just call us at 800-818-8181 and we'll give you a quote.


How Flat Rate is Billed


We bill you one rate for the entire month, in advance. We base the billing on calendar months and automatically bill you on the 21th of each month, for the next monthʼs usage. For example, we will bill you March 21 for your April unlimited usage. You can cancel at any time and you will not be billed for the next month as long as you let us know by the 25th. NOTE: If you order this service between the 1st and 15th of the month, you will be billed for the entire month. If you order between the 16th and 27th of the month, you will be billed for half a month. If you order during the last 4 days of the month, there is no charge for those 4 days since you will be billed for just the next monthʼs charge in total.