Conference Call Services: What to Look For:


Here are the top 10 benchmarks  to compare and select you Audio and Web Conferencing service platform/provider.


The best conferencing services should provide one-stop, efficient, cost-effective and easy to use solutions that can greatly benefit a business productivity and growth. Services that can allow you to seamlessly connect to your customers, prospects, stakeholders, employees, and vendors on global basis, and empower effective communication and productivity.



Ease of use

Full support and demo to get you started.  Simple and easy to use interface.  Complete documentation and live support. Video Tutorials, Free Consultation for standard and custom solutions.

Help and Full customer Support.

Offering you you 24x7 customer support to ensure that you succeed in you conference objective.
Support includes training videos, user guides and FAQs makes is easier to organize and launch conference.  Also offer operator assistance for moderating complex meetings.


Presenter / Participants Tools:  
Recording, Screen Sharing, Remote control,  Control Transfer,  Document upload and sharing, Q&A, Polling,  Private meeting Rooms, VIP Waiting Rooms, Breakout Rooms , Application Sharing, Post conference reporting,  Screenshots, Outlook Integration, File Transfer, Social Media Integration
Voip calling, Toll Calling, Participant Annotation, Cloud Storage, Operator Assisted Meetings, Duplex conversation.

Device Responsive

Mobile device enabled across various operating system. Ability to take part in meetings from participants  computers, phones and tablets


64/128/254 bit Encryption

Number of Participants

Up to 1000 or more

Price Flexibility / Plans

Available in pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription services
Limited / Unlimited use plans


Reservation / Reservationless

Quality and Performance

Uninterrupted, fast, duplex communication, backed by state of art technology

Global Reach

Be able to connect  globally with your markets and resources.


To make your conference calls more effective and organized, our conferencing service provide many beneficial features and tools. .


Meeting Room - Integrated, Audio, Web, Video , File Sharing All the tools you need to make your meeting productive available to you all the time on every call. No workarounds needed.
Meeting Controller Manage your meeting, control interruptions, allow multiple topic discussions, breakout into the right groups. No need to learn complicated phone keypad controls.
Meeting Negotiation Tool Plan the best time for all to attend through a vote consensus from your invitees.
No Downloads Required Whether you are the moderator or participant, join meeting with no hassle.
Drag And Drop Features Easily turn any appointment on your calendar into an audio or web conference.
Save Meetings Work more efficiently by saving your settings of past meetings.
Auto Fill Contacts Create meetings faster - email phone numbers automatically entered for you.
24/7 Operator Assistance On-call customer service, day or night on your calls.
Instant Meeting Tool Save time with a tool that creates instant, recurring and scheduled meetings.
RSVP Service Be more prepared for your meeting by knowing who has accepted, declined or tentatively accepted your meeting invitation.
Integrated Calendar Agent Your calendar organizes itself as all appointments, meetings and invitations are entered automatically.
Instant Invite Tool Create instant invitations, notifications or alerts.
Invitation Options Choose from various invitation formats - email, phone & SMS.
Custom Invitations Personalize your meeting invitations for email, phone or SMS.
Reminder Options Choose from various reminder options - email, phone & SMS.
Custom Reminders Compose custom reminders via email, phone & SMS.
Scheduling Options Never forget a meeting with our instant or scheduled reminders.
Create and Manage Meetings per Project Create Projects and conduct repeated or recurrent meetings on same project.
Upload, Share and Maintain Files used in Project Meetings Upload, Group and manage Files in the Cloud so all the files you need are available in the right meetings. Share Files as needed and control sharing.
Forums to Collaborate in the Meeting and in between Meeting Participate any time from anywhere in forums about topics and files. Speed up projects.
Audio Bridge Now the conference calls you to connect.
Permanent Dial-In No need to keep track of numbers – you get a dedicated dial–in with a toll and a toll–free option.
Audio Panel The first iPhone style Audio Meeting Controller for simple meeting management.
Dial-Out Option Connect faster by dialing out of the web based audio panel to your participants.
Talker Notification Know who’s talking during every meeting with voice identification.
Polling Center Conduct more efficient surveys through our integrated polling center.
Q & A Sessions Hold more effective question and answer sessions through the Audio Meeting Controller.
Sub-Conference Have a private conference with selected participants during your meeting.
Drop Call Remove a participant from the conference with the click of a button.
Lock Conference Prevent meeting interruptions.
Easy to setup Any one in a meeting with an ordinary webcam can participate with video. Individual video channels for selective viewing.
Video Controls Control Video Participation using the Meeting Controller, mute, raise hands etc.
Screen Share The easiest way to share your screen with others.
Co-Present Function Collaborate with colleagues by sharing conference controls.
Document Share Improve collaboration by sharing documents with the meeting.
Co-Browse Upload and review web pages with participants.
Whiteboard Highlight, underline, annotate and stamp documents and web pages.
Chat Tools Public & Private chat feature allows you to interact with selected conference participants.
Integrated Audio Now its simpler and easier to launch an audio conference directly from the Web Panel.
Waiting Area Let Moderator choose who enters the meeting and when.
Mood Notification Find out the status of participants through their icons.
Conference Playback Digital recording of conference for those unable to attend live.
Recording & Retrieval Record and store audio & web materials for distribution.
CD Recording Get conference recorded on CD.
mp3 Recording Conference is recorded digitally & accessed via online or email.
Transcription Services Obtain a physical record of your performance.
Translation Services Conference is available in various formats.