Web Conferencing Service

Businesses are increasingly dependent on web conferencing as a way to reduce travel costs and lost production while at the same time reaching more customers. Our web conferencing solution is a reliable and affordable service that can help you meet those goals.

Our web confence serviceS combine audio, video and web conferencing into one integrated solution. You can share screens, presentations or your entire desktop to make sure everyone is on the same page. You’ll always know who is on the call and who is speaking. You can meet face-to-face even if you are around the globe.

Utilize Web conferencIing to make compelling sales presentations, conduct an effective online business meeting or distance learning sessions. Share desktop applications, web content and documents online with multiple participants in various locations.


Choose from our any of two platforms that meets your need for any application.



The cost effective and powerful solution for everyday web meetings and conference calls. Loaded with features to empower your professional needs.

Plans Starting at $30.00 per month.



Powering your organizational needs for any mission critical or large scale web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device.

Plans starting at $40.00 per month.



Service Features

Our web conferencing service comes with many useful and easy to use features.

  • Web-based Application.
  • Annotate Documents - The conference host has a pen, pointer and 15-color marker tools to annotate documents for all to see.
  • Chat (host or participant initiated) - Chat with individuals or send broadcast messages. Designate an individual participant or a group to answer Q&A.
  • Application and Desktop Sharing - Share an application or document with meeting participants in real time. Optionally choose to share select documents and applications or entire desktop.
  • Remote Control - Request control of a participant desktop or application. Give control of desktop or application to participant in the meeting.
  • Roster with Controls - Manage Web conference from single point within application. View participants as they join and leave meetings. Capture key participant information (e.g., name, email).
  • Live Polling - The polling feature allows the host to ask poll questions of the audience. The system tallies those responses and presents the results to the host while online and to the participants, if you choose.
  • Publish Documents - Publish Microsoft Office (Power Point, Excel and Word) documents for all participants to view.
  • Multiple Presenters/Control Passing - Share presenting responsibilities with other participants.
  • Hand Raising - Enable participants to "raise hand" in response to question or to get host attention.
  • File Transfer - File transfer allows for the transfer of files to one or all of the participants.
  • Invitations / Reminders - Invite users not present by sending them a link right to the conference via email or Yahoo! Messenger from within the conferencing application.
  • Outlook® Integration - The Conferencing Tree Plugin for Microsoft Outlook integrates with email and calendar invitations to add convenience and accuracy to conference scheduling.
  • Full Screen Mode - Full screen allows you to enlarge the presentation to the size of the application window.
  • Optimized Slide Presentations - Caches slides to improve transitions for slower connections. Displays fixed dimension slides when slow connections are detected.
  • Lock/Unlock - You can lock and unlock the conference at any time. This stops users from attempting to join the conference.
  • Smart Scrolling - Synchronize participant view of a document with the presenters view.
  • Email Meeting Summary - Choose to receive a summary of the meeting (e.g., duration, participants) via email after the session has concluded.
  • Billing Memo Field - Assign the session to a department, client or group.
  • SSL Encryption - Provides robust security features.

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In addition to Web Conferencing, Conferencing Tree also offers Reservationless Conference Calling and Operator-Assisted Conference Call Hosting at very attractive rates. One account with Conferencing Tree gives you access to all of our audio and web conferencing services. Sign up with Conference Tree today and simplify your conferencing services.