Conferencing Solution for Any Industry


Conferencing Tree strives to build and deliver industry focused services and solutions, to meet the specific needs and of various industries. We ensure that the end user can leverage our platform to create competitive advantage in respective industry.

We keep in mind specific requirements and features when it comes to conferencing and collaboration services, such as – effective delivery, document sharing, billing back hours to clients, performing lead generating webinars, recording and transcribing protocols, prospects conversion, Q&A sessions, etc.  Our Conferencing and collaboration services are all your needs.


Financial Industry


Whether you work for a national commercial bank or a large, global investment firm, you need to communicate with internal teams, investors, customers, partners, and other financial companies. Staying ahead of market trends, customer demands, and the competition is the key to your success. But how can you do that when the people you need to meet with are across the country or the world? Conferencing Tree provides conferencing services and solutions to instantly connect you with anyone in the world with custom solutions for investor relations calls/shareholder meetings, online marketing events, and remote training services.

Strengthen relationships by enhancing communication. Stay in touch with investors and clients more efficiently and more often with top of the line conferencing, collaboration and unified communications solutions. Deliver high-touch financial calls and earnings releases to global, multi-language audiences. Conferencing Tree supplies these services and solutions to over 90% of Fortune 500 financial companies.


Services for Legal Industry


Whether you’re working with clients, co-counsel, or subject matter experts, being able to meet with anyone at any time, no matter where they are in the world, is critical to collecting information and completing a case. You could bring everyone together for on-site meetings, but that can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Instead, Conferencing Tree enables you to collaborate on case work, review contracts, and brief clients online and over the phone, which enables you to work more efficiently and effectively. And Conferencing Tree’s Legal billing allows you to quickly and easily track by project, client matter, and subject matter codes for flawless allocation of expenses.


Conduct depositions, arbitrations, speed up contract negotiations, while using Conferencing Tree’s secure Audio Conferences. Meet with clients and co-counsel at any time, from anywhere. Review contracts and expert witness reports via web conferencing. Conferencing Tree allows for easy bill back to clients with coding, on-demand matter number input and customized invoices. Implement Conferencing Tree’s wide variety of cloud-based unified communications solutions to increase and simplify both attorney accessibility and available billable time.


Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry


Working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries involves a lot of communication with physicians, internal teams, vendors, partners, and the media, which requires staying ahead of the competition. You need to host focus groups and marketing events, conduct training sessions, and review projects. When you have to meet with people all over the world, you could spend all your time and budget traveling to the next event or you could conveniently conduct your meetings and events online using one of Conferencing Tree’s many collaboration and event services.


Communication and collaboration are crucial in the Pharmaceutical industry. Seamlessly engage global audiences, enrich R&D, enhance clinical trials and bring your drug to market quickly with impactful product launches. Enrich relationships within the medical community and gather key stakeholders at a moment’s notice. Conferencing Tree’s cost-effective and reliable solutions help you achieve all of this and stay ahead of the competition. Conduct product information seminars with physicians to increase awareness of your products to increase sales. Conduct meeting with divisions and medical suppliers to increase productivity and profitability with easier, more frequent communications.


Accounting Industry


Conferencing Tree can provide your global teams with teleconferencing services to communicate information on the latest trends in accounting and auditing requirements, global risk management and business recovery services.


Retailers Industry


Retailers need to continuously engage, support, and maintain customer relationships. Customer service is often a key factor in the success for retailers, as is the ability to effectively respond to market demands and trends. Conferencing Tree provides the solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams, to improve customer service and supply management. With reduced margins and worldwide competition, Conferencing Tree’s conferencing services and solutions continue to be one of the most essential communications tools for the retail industry.


Services for Training and Education Industry


Education institutes are faced with the challenge of serving a student population that is no longer centered around a main campus. Branch locations, international campuses, and virtual students are consistently increasing the demand for solutions to deliver the same level of instruction and resources the students at the main campus receive. And the students at the main campus need access to resources at the branch and international campuses. The role of the professor is no longer limited to the traditional classroom. From primary/secondary education to higher education, administrations must be able to implement the technology to achieve distance learning and virtual classroom initiatives with the features to deliver a seamless and effective program.

Connect with employees and colleagues around the globe without the time and expense of travel. Hold engaging virtual trainings on an array of topics: regulatory policies, process improvements, new hire training, open enrollment seminars, product updates and continuing education. Conferencing Tree solutions offer custom registration pages, post-course reports and archiving capabilities to maximize the success of your training initiatives. Provide training seminars and enable remote students to attend classes through our Audio Conferencing service.


Services for Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturers face a geographic challenge with facilities, suppliers, and vendors distributed around the world. Real-time online collaboration with high resolution application sharing can save your project teams time that results in major savings for your company. Access to audio conference calls 24/7 with global coverage allows you to quickly address any challenge or opportunity with suppliers and vendors. Conferencing Tree web conferencing services and solutions for manufacturing provide the highest quality, reliable web conferencing fully integrated with on-demand audio conferencing. International access numbers are available in over 95 countries across the globe.


Industries have varying and specific requirements when it comes to communication and collaboration. Whether it is a small everyday conferencing need, a large global event or an enterprise-wide communications initiative, Conferencing Tree provides services and solutions tailored and customized to fit your particular needs.


Services for Banking Industry


Communicate with your investors and analysts on the latest investment strategies; efficiently manage high profile clients, while dramatically reducing business and travel costs.


Services for Non-Profits / Associations Industry


Associations use technology from Conferencing Tree to communicate within their organization, meet with constituents, and publicly promote their agenda. We provide the solutions for regular meetings over audio and web conferencing to coordinate initiatives and projects, as well as advanced web conferencing and webinar solutions with features for lead tracking, CRM integration, and training. The result is improved internal communication, increased member renewal, and higher new member enrollment.


You can strengthen your relationship, communications, and increase member reach and satisfaction with valuable services at low rates from Conferencing Tree. 


Services for Consulting Industry


Collaborate with your clients quickly on the latest developments, integrate remote teams, and conduct secure teleconferences any time, anywhere around the world.


Services for Investor Relations


Stay connected with investors, the media, the public, and remote teams to enhance daily communications regarding your business through secure conference calls.


One of the fastest growing business segments utilizing conference calling is the investor relations area of public companies. More and more companies are using audio and/or web conferencing to hold their quarterly earnings meetings. During these events, analysts listen to and/or view the meeting and a question and answer session conducted by one of our experienced operators can be included at the conclusion of the prepared remarks.


These calls are typically recorded and kept on the conference bridge or streamed for one week so that people who could not make the scheduled call can call into the center at their leisure and listen to a replay of the call.


Services for Insurance


Instantly communicate with remote work groups and provide your clients with information on the latest insurance trends and controlling the rising costs of benefits.


Services for Sales


Enable your sales force to improve communication among themselves by conducting weekly meetings. In addition, strengthen your customer relationships and close deals faster with easier, more frequent communications by using Conferencing Tree.


Services for Health Care


Improve patient care by communicating more efficiently and effectively. Utilize HIPAA compliant collaboration tools to increase patient outreach and enhance partnerships with affiliate hospitals, physician offices and international research centers. Improve marketing efforts with virtual educational seminars for prospective patients and expand training courses with on-demand tools and solutions.




Turn to Conferencing Tree for your mission critical communications. Deliver instant ROI by reducing travel budgets and leveraging GSA Schedule 70 contract pricing. Increase operational efficiencies with scalable and reliable cloud-based solutions, from urgent communications with key players to large-scale global events and announcements.


Product Launch


Stay on top of your business communications and keep up with the demands of this fast-paced and competitive industry. Collaborate with global project teams, train more people more often and more efficiently. Take your product to market with impactful and professional product launches. Keep project timelines intact, meet deadlines and conduct product demos by utilizing Conferencing Tree’s conferencing and collaboration tools and services.


Services for Technology


Regardless of whether you’re in the software, telecom, cable, or Internet industry, you’re more than familiar with the fast-paced environment a hi-tech company demands. The need for your company to remain on the cutting edge of its position in the marketplace is crucial, so maintaining good communication in order to meet deadlines and move new products to market quickly is the key to success. In a world that is short on both time and resources, Conferencing Tree enables technology companies to communicate with vendors, partners, customers, and internal teams quickly so you can move on to the next big project.