Operator Assisted Conference Calling


Full service conference calling, perfect for legal, corporate and investor conference calls that demand special top-tier attention and support. Trained operators are ready to manage your calls and personally assist you by calling each of your participants and introducing them into your conference.



  • Full conference service support team available to reserve and coordinate your calls.
  • Professional conference operators contact each party and place them into your conference.
  • Operators can introduce each participant into the conference.
  • Managed Q & A sessions (additional service charge.)
  • Individual billing can be arranged for each party (ideal for legal conference calls.)
  • Customized formatting and private labeling available.
  • Highly secured, confidential, and controlled conference calls help participants focus on critical topics.
  • Detailed reporting.


Operator Service (Full Service)

Rates - Cents per Line per Minute

Operator Assisted Toll Audio Conferencing  $       0.10
Operator Assisted Toll Free Audio Conferencing  $       0.14



Advantages of Operator Managed and Assisted Conference Calls:


Operator Conference Calls offers highest level of professionalism and service. Whenever you need to insure that your important calls are handled properly, efficiently and courteously, you can count on our professionally trained operators to execute and manage your calls flawlessly.


Legal Conference Calls / Deposition Conference Calls


Legal and deposition conference calls for law firms are critically important. Not only do you want to make sure that all the parties are present, but that those participating have the highest quality conferencing service available. Moreover, it can be a tremendous time saver to have each law firm billed separately -- and that’s exactly what we can do, making our operator conference calls the perfect solution for law firms involved in depositions and class action cases.


Pay After You Use the Service, Not Before


This is not a pre-paid conference call service. You only pay for the minutes you use, after you use the service.


No Set Up Fee or Hidden Costs


Getting started is easy -- and free! Just fill out our online form and you'll be starting your first conference today.


Dial-Out Operator Service (Our operators call you)


This is our most popular service and provides the highest level of professionalism and convenience for your parties. Just give us your phone list and our operators will call each party and put them into your conference. No long distance charges for anyone! Our operators are available anytime to assist you. (Additional charges apply for Dial-Out to international locations.


Dial-In Operator service (Everyone dials in toll- free)


Your parties dial a toll free number and will be greeted by one of our operators who will put them directly into the conference. At your request, we can screen your participants and obtain their names and who they represent to provide you a subsequent report. We can also introduce the conference and moderators. Participants outside the U.S. and Canada can dial an international toll connection.


Q&A Sessions


29¢ per min/per person Same as our Dial-Out above, but with the added service of having our operators coordinate and manage a question and answer session during your call.